Thermal Insulator 9 Layers Trafic Mixta dede 2014

Indicate in the field NOTES OF THE ORDER that appears in the purchase process, if the front window has a rain sensor and lights.

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120,00 € tax incl.


Thermal insulators and 9-layer interior blinds.
Fixation with suction cups

The kit includes:

High-grip screw suction cups, without the need to remove the suction cups to remove the insulation.
High quality blackout thermal insulation manufactured in 9 layers.
Gray trim.
Stainless steel pots.
Bag to keep them.

1- Aluminum of 90 microns against ultraviolet rays and resistant to scratches.
2- 2mm expanded polyethylene.
3- Aluminum film of 38 microns, for insulation.
4- 2mm expanded polyethylene.
5- Aluminum film of 38 microns.
6- 2mm expanded polyethylene.
7- Aluminum film of 38 microns.
8- Wadding 75 gr / m antiallergic for isolation.
9- Gray PVC anti-condensation.

Purchase options:
Cabin, 3 pieces (front and 2 side windows of the driver and passenger)
Box, 3 pieces (2 side windows and tailgate)
Box, 4 pieces (2 side windows and double rear door)
Complete, 6 pieces (front window, 4 side windows and tailgate)
Complete, 7 pieces (front window, 4 side windows and double rear door)