Kaiflex Self-adhesive Tape

Reference: FS1200W

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Kaiflex Self-adhesive Tape


Kaiflex Self-adhesive Tape
Kaiflex thermal insulation self-adhesive, sold by rolls.
No footage is sold


  • Length: 15mtrs.
  • Width: 5 cms.
  • Thickness: 3mm.

Product description:
With its established and proven technology, it is designed to be a durable and reliable insulation manufactured with the highest levels of quality and is supplied in rolls of 15m².

  • Closed cell structure with built-in water vapor barrier
  • Inherently resistant to corrosion and moisture
  • Flexible in nature, free of dust and fibers
  • It does not create microorganisms, thanks to the little penetration of moisture.

Technical data:

Material: Elastomeric foam with synthetic rubber base, flexible elastomeric foam (FEF) according to EN 14304

Cell structure: Closed cell

Color: Black

High temperature limit: 85 ° C

Low temperature limit: -50 ° C

Thermal conductivity in:
-20 ° C ≤ 0.034 W / (m · K)
0 ° C ≤ 0.036 W / (m · K)
20 ° C ≤ 0.038 W / (m · K)
40 ° C ≤ 0.04 W / (m · K)

Test according to DIN EN 12667

Fire behavior: Self extinguishable, does not drip and with European fire rating Bs3


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