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    The Bed Seats of the Scopema house offer many configuration options to meet all the needs of the clients.

    Constructed with a sturdy metal frame, available in several widths:

    • 600 mm a person,
    • 860-940-1040-1120-1200 mm. two people,
    • 1290-1500 mm. three people.

    Padded cover, automatic locking of the backrest in route position, color to choose from within the Safari or Dralon range.

    The options offered are the following:

    • Removable or integrated headrest.
    • Integrated armrest, lateral or central. Fixed, collapsible or folding-adjustable.
    • Isofix
    • Longitudinal slide 200mm.
    • Side slide 225mm.
    • Regulations patina covered with fabric.
    • 3D integrated padding. This new padding system on our benches and cushions, provides greater softness and comfort. It also stands out because it regulates temperature and humidity when circulating air between the fibers of the mattress.
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