Thermal insulation Silver Plus

Silver Plus Thermal Insulators


Price 300€

Are you tired of the insulators with suction cups and that after a few months, they have degraded so much that they seem to be years old? Try our thermal insulating revolvers.


Exclusive 9-layer thermal and acoustic insulation, made of high quality material.
It completely isolates the windows of the cold, heat, noise, prying eyes and completely obscures the cabin.
Fixed with velcro, powerful Neodymium magnets or suction cups, depending on the vehicle and its possibilities.
Very easy to put on and take off, just in seconds.

With the fixation by Velcro, super magnets, it is no problem in the vehicles that have lining inside, just sticking the velcro or a mini self-adhesive plate, the problem is solved. In case of magnets, in vehicles that have no interior lining and the sheet is visible, it is not necessary to glue the mini self-adhesive plate.

One of the most important advantages of these thermal insulators, unlike the others, is that we can save them by plaguing them without damaging them at all, reducing space. Its composition with high performance fabrics have memory and return to their initial state once they are deployed.

Another of the very important values ​​that these revulsive insulators do is that they have passed the aging and durability tests in an accredited laboratory for this purpose, having a certificate that guarantees a minimum durability of 5 years to sun exposure.

In addition, the toxic PVC layer has been removed.

These thermal insulators are suitable for extreme temperatures, reducing the temperature inside the vehicle in case of heat and insulating the interior of the vehicle in case of cold. In addition to insulating from cold and heat, our thermal insulators perform the optimal function of darkening the cabin by lengthening the rest hours.


1 - Thermal insulator
     Layer 1 (Exterior) Woven aluminum over white (silver color).
     Layer 2- Expanded polyethylene 2mm.
     Layer 3- Aluminum film of 38 microns, for insulation.
     Layer 4- 2mm expanded polyethylene.
     Layer 5- 38 micron aluminum film.
     Layer 6- 2mm expanded polyethylene.
     Layer 7- 38 micron aluminum film.
     Layer 8- Wadding 75 gr / m antiallergic for insulation.
     Layer 9- Gray polypropylene.

2 - 100% polypropylene trim in two shades of gray, indestructible in the extreme sun.
3 - Velcro die cut, Super Neodymium Magnets or suction cups.
4 - Pouch type bag to store the insulators.

Our darkening thermal insulators are handcrafted one by one taking care of the geometry of the windows for an optimal fit. Finished with a 100% polypropylene trim in two shades of gray.

Thermal insulation Silver Plus

Thermal insulation Silver Plus

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